Getting your dealership successfully off the ground requires an array of tools and the knowledge to use them wisely. Your partnership with Tiger Sound.Lighting will give you everything you need not only to get started, but also to continue on through success after success:


We want to get to know you and provide you an opportunity to get to know us. Simply request more information to learn more about how to become our next Tiger Sound.Lighting Authorized Dealer.


We encourage you to investigate your market opportunity the local competition and define your investment and expectation.

Business Plan

Develop your business generique cialis plan and analyze your local market opportunity and how to best capitalize on this great opportunity.

Tiger Sound.Lighting Standard Dealer Agreement

Based on market and plan approval, we will enter into our standard agreement and then you will be given complete access to all the product and support materials Tiger Sound.Lighting has to offer.

Become A Dealer

Thank you for your interest in working with Tiger Sound.Lighting. We have a vast national network of dealers and are not openly pursuing adding new distributors at this time. However, on occasion we do have needs to fill. If you are interested in becoming a Tiger Sound.Lighting Dealer please fill out and submit the below form for future consideration.